Exquilla alpha 0.2 released

Today I release alpha version 0.2 of ExQuilla Exchange Web Service. This may be downloaded at the AMO site for the ExQuilla. This release adds support for most primary email features, but not the EWS address book or calendar. However, this is still Alpha quality code, which means that many of the features have minor… Read More »

ExQuilla alpha 0.1 released (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Today I released to Mozilla’s addon site a preview release of my Exchange Web Services extension, which I am calling ExQuilla (see the addons page here to download). This is alpha quality software, which means it is usable if you are brave. (I have been using it for a month with my rkent@mesquilla.com email account).… Read More »

Towards an Alpha supporting Thunderbird 3.1 (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Things have been a little slower lately, what with summer and family visits and so forth, but my project to support Exchange server in Thunderbird proceeds nevertheless. I’m starting to think seriously of an Alpha release. Originally I had assummed that there would be changes required in core to support what I am doing. But… Read More »

Junk management for newsgroups in Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird since version 3 has had experimental support for junk filtering in newsgroups. The feature basically works fine, but the user interface mostly fights against your attempts to use it. I’d like to give brief instructions here for anyone who wants to try it. You’ll need to install my addon JunQuilla to enable one critical… Read More »

Thunderbird’s Strategic Dilemma

In a recent tb-planning post, neandr wrote: With all respect for the people working at Mozilla/Thunderbird and fully understand the limitation they are faced with, I would like to see a more detailed mission statement for the products (TB/LG) and the future of it. Only expressing TB is for individual users, SOHO and not for… Read More »

Sending a Message (Mailnews Exchange Support)

I can now send a message through Exchange server from my Thunderbird installation. Perhaps it would be interesting to show how I hooked into the sending function in the user interface. I asked the usual suspects, and it was not clear to anyone that it could be done without adding backend hooks – which I… Read More »

Data Persistence (Mailnews Exchange Support)

My project to provide Exchange Web Services (EWS) support to applications based on the Mozilla mailnews codebase entered a new phase this week, where I am starting to consider the issue of local persistence of data downloaded from the server. (In the previous week, I got two other things working: display of HTML emails, and… Read More »

Javascript filter action in Thunderbird with FiltaQuilla

I received an email today asking that I add a feature to FiltaQuilla. Slightly edited, the author said: Something I’ve found myself doing at work is creating a new filter for every folder I create. I work on technical cases and for each new case number I create a new folder and have all emails… Read More »

Showing the header (Mailnews Exchange Support)

In my last post, I thought it was going to be tricky to get the message header to display in my Thunderbird Exchange Web Services extension. Turned out it wasn’t so hard after all. After I display the body, I just had to pretend like I was the Mime processor, and spit out headers to… Read More »

Reading the Body (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Just as a status update, my Exchange Server extension can now read message bodies. But note that there is no header information displayed with the message: Why no header information? Because the header summary, for reasons that I cannot explain, reads the message file directly – and assumes that the message is in RFC 2822… Read More »