TweeQuilla Twitter for Thunderbird

TweeQuilla allows Thunderbird to add Twitter as an account type. The extension is in a preliminary release status. At present, it only works for Thunderbird version 3.1.x under Windows, and there is no localization. TweeQuilla is available for download here. There is a support forum available here.

Setup Instructions

After installing the TweeQuilla addon, you can add Twitter as an account type by selecting Tools/Account Settings/Account Actions/Add Twitter Account:

When you first add the account, you will be taken to the authentication page. The first step will take you to your web browser (which should be logged into Twitter). Twitter will request for you to authorize TweeQuilla to access your account, then give you a PIN number. You must copy that PIN number into the TweeQuill authorization page as step 2, then press “step 3” to accept:

The username will be filled in automatically once you have authorized access. Note that you can install more than one Twitter account using different user names.

Twitter Folders

After installing a Twitter account, you should see that account in the pane, along with the standard Twitter folders:

These folders are generally the same folders that you would see on the web version of your Twitter account. The folders that you see here are set from your Twitter web account, and are not configurable from within Thunderbird. You can however vary the update rate for the folders, and select which folders are automatically updated. If not automatically updated, the folders will update only when selected.

Tweets without web links show the original Tweet as both the subject and body of the message. Tweets with a weblink however will show the content of the web link, just like an RSS feeds does:

Sending Tweets

When you have a folder in the Twitter tree selected, if you select a standard Thunderbird “Write” command, you will end up at a simple Twitter compose screen:

If you have multiple Twitter accounts chosen, then you can select which account to Tweet to by using the drop-down area on the bottom line.

Twitter messages are displayed in the message pane, like other messages. If you select a Twitter message and Reply, you’ll get a Twitter compose screen setup to do the reply. Note that Twitter replies are threaded like normal messages:

You can also do a “Forward” which becomes a Twitter retweet.

There is also a toolbar that can be used to send Tweets. You’ll need to do right click on a toolbar, select “Customize …”, then drag the toolbar where you want it:

Tweets are sent as soon as you press Enter after entering text in the toolbar. You can also select a different Twitter account using the dropdown arrow.

Known Issues and Problems

  1. Empty Archive folder sometimes appears
  2. There is no detection of Twitter access rate
  3. Some standard message menu items appear (like copy, junk, and archive) but are not functional for Twitter accounts.