TaQuilla Revisions


Supports Thunderbird 5


Fixes an issue with enabling soft tags, that if too many tags existed to appear on the options screen, then the extra tags were not visible.

Code cleanup for public release, and support of Thunderbird 3.1


This release updates TaQuilla to support Thunderbird 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0

Several aspects of the user interface have been reorganized to improve consistency:

  • (Bug M146): The dialogs that are used to set which folders shall have soft tags applied has been consolidated with the inherited properties scheme used in other MesQuilla applications (see Inherited Folder Properties – revisited). That is, soft tags are now set on the standard “Folder Properties” dialog.
  • (Bug M128): Decisions on whether to display columns that show percentage and status of soft tags has been merged into the standard column picker used for other column display choices.

A new feature has been added (disabled by default) to allow keyboard shortcuts to be used to trainand set soft tags. In standard Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, tag status can be toggled using keyboard shortcuts. But in training for soft tags, it can be useful to train a message with a soft tag that has the correct tag applied. The new option allows separate sets of keybaord shortcuts to be used for setting and clearing a tag. If yourequest to set or clear a tag, and that is already the tagged status of the message, then the request is interpreted as a training-only request.

0.2 and prior:

early experimental releases