JunQuilla Revisions

Revision 1.0.2

This version simply updates the component for recent changes in the backend code, so that Thunderbird 5 and SeaMonkey 2.1 are supported.

Revision 1.0.1


Save junk training data on shutdown (prevents loss of junk data when certain problems occur)

Fix choppy scrolling (Mozilla bug 505577) by using cached folder string properties

Revision 1.0.0


Added “Toolbar buttons for Is Junk and Is Good”

Added “UI to show message counts in junk corpus”

Added “UI to set enable/disable junk processing per folder”

Added “Disable tokenization of headers that are usually unique per-message”

Added “SeaMonkey support”


Fixed “Removal of Uncertain folders does not persist”

Fixed “Column width of junk icons too narrow on some platforms.”

Fixed “Remove change of notjunk icon change in standard junk status column.”

Known Issues

Uncertain columns do not work in SeaMonkey

Revision 0.2 and prior

Experimental releases