Mesquilla provides several extensions to extend the functionality of the Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey email clients.

ExQuilla provides support for messaging, contacts, and (eventually) calendars stored on Microsoft Exchange Server version 2007/2010 using Exchange Web Services (EWS).

JunQuilla provides junk mail management features, including “uncertain” folders to assist in training and finding near-misses, as well as columns to show the percent match of a message to being spam.

FiltaQuilla adds additional actions to the email filter, including remove tag , mark unread, mark replied,  remove star, launch file, and suppress notification.

TaQuilla automatically tags messages, after training, using the same statistical methods used to categorize junk mail.

ToneQuilla adds a filter actions to play sound files. My wife thinks this is great, because I play “we are in love” whenever she sends me an email!

GlodaQuilla provides several custom columns to the message pane that are useful to database developers.