GlodaQuilla Update for Thunderbird 3.1

Thunderbird beginning with version 3.1 has partial support for the suppression of indexing for particular folders, which is why many people installed GlodaQuilla. GlodaQuilla has detected that you have now installed Thunderbird 3.1, and you have previously used GlodaQuilla’s indexing supression feature. This page will describe the differences between that support in Thunderbird 3.1 and GlodaQuilla, and give some advice on which to choose and how to migrate.

Differences between GlodaQuilla and Thunderbird’s index suppression

The main difference between these is that GlodaQuilla uses inherited properties, while Thunderbird does not. That means there are a few things that you can do in GlodaQuilla that you cannot do in Thunderbird:

  • Indexing may be disabled for an entire account
  • Subfolders of a parent will have the same index suppression as their parent

Recommendations for which to choose

If your primary need is to suppress indexing of a few folders, then you are probably better off just using the standard Thunderbird 3.1 indexing suppression, and just suppressing indexing for those few folders.

GlodaQuilla’s inherited properties would make sense for users with the following needs:

  • You have an entire account that you do not want to index
  • You have a complex tree of folders that you do not want to index

If either of those match your situation, then you should consider using GlodaQuilla’s indexing suppression instead of the core feature.

Migrating from One Method to Another

When GlodaQuilla first detects that Thunderbird 3.1 has been installed, it will attempt to synchronize the settings between Thunderbird’s core feature and GlodaQuilla’s indexing suppression. This is only done on folders that are modified directly, and not on subfolders that inherit properties.

If you previously used GlodaQuilla, and suppressed indexing of a few folders without trying to inherit that supression into subfolders, then you should be able to turn off GlodaQuilla’s indexing suppression function, and just use the core function, and your existing GlodaQuilla preferences will be migrated to the core function. You can turn off GlodaQuilla’s inherited indexing suppression functionality on the Option screen for GlodaQuilla in the AddOn manager.

However, this easy migration will not work correctly if you used either account-level suppression, or subfolders inherited suppression from their parents. In that case, should you choose to disable GlodaQuilla’s indexing suppression, you are strongly encouraged to check the indexing status of each folder that might be affected. This is done in Folder Properties for each folder.