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ExQuilla (Microsoft Exchange Server for Thunderbird) beta version released

I am pleased to announce that ExQuilla, a Thunderbird addon that provides access to messages and contacts in Microsoft Exchange Server, is now available. This is a beta-quality release.  ExQuilla is currently only available for Windows, in English, and supports Thunderbird version 9, 10, and 11. Linux and Mac versions are planned for the future.… Read More »

Twitter for Thunderbird

New account types in Javascript for Thunderbird (Part 3) I’ve now released an initial version of my extension TweeQuilla, Twitter for Thunderbird. While the extension provides useful functionality, the main purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate how a Thunderbird account can be created using just javascript. Well almost … there are some binary files… Read More »

Overriding C++ xpcom objects using Javascript

New account types in Javascript for Thunderbird (Part 2) One of the more difficult challenges in adding new Javascript-based accounts to Thunderbird is the problem of overriding functions of C++ objects in Javascript. C++ objects typically rely on the object inheritance structure of C++, and do not reliably use QueryInterface to force use of xpcom… Read More »

New account types in JavaScript for Thunderbird (Part 1)

For the month of December, I took a reprieve from ExQuilla, my Exchange Web Services extension, and decided to tackle the issue of trying to create new account types in JavaScript in a Thunderbird extension. This blog post is an introduction to that project. More detailed posts on specific issues should follow shortly. Introduction to… Read More »

ExQuilla alpha 0.1 released (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Today I released to Mozilla’s addon site a preview release of my Exchange Web Services extension, which I am calling ExQuilla (see the addons page here to download). This is alpha quality software, which means it is usable if you are brave. (I have been using it for a month with my email account).… Read More »

Towards an Alpha supporting Thunderbird 3.1 (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Things have been a little slower lately, what with summer and family visits and so forth, but my project to support Exchange server in Thunderbird proceeds nevertheless. I’m starting to think seriously of an Alpha release. Originally I had assummed that there would be changes required in core to support what I am doing. But… Read More »