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The Junquilla extension for improved junk mail management.

Inherited Folder Properties – revisited

In a previous posting, I introduced the concept of inherited folder properties in the Mozilla mailnews products (Thunderbird and SeaMonkey). In the months since, I have incorporated these into my extensions quite significantly, so here I would like to show the UI I am currently using for this, and also discuss some of the issues… Read More »

Updated ToneQuilla, FiltaQuilla, and JunQuilla posted

Recently I posted new versions of ToneQuilla, FiltaQuilla, and JunQuilla to mozilla’s addons site that support Thunderbird 3 beta 2, and Seamonkey 2 alpha 3 (SM is not supported in JunQuilla). In addition to version support, extensions have these changes: ToneQuilla mostly gets an important bug fix to stop playing from ending prematurely. JunQuilla gets… Read More »

Viewing junk tokens

I implemented this week an interface to view the details of the bayesian filter calculation (bug 451405). It will be part of JunQuilla and TaQuilla eventually. Although I was mostly motivated to add it because of the interest users might have in understanding the categorization that TaQuilla will do, I’ve found the viewing of junk… Read More »

JunQuilla available in AMO

The initial version of my extension JunQuilla, which provides improved information for training the junkmail filter, is now available here. JunQuilla gives you more information about the junk (aka spam) status of each email (its percentage match in the statistical calculations, and reasons why a message was marked junk or good). Also, an Uncertain folder… Read More »