Twitter for Thunderbird

By | January 4, 2011

New account types in Javascript for Thunderbird (Part 3)

I’ve now released an initial version of my extension TweeQuilla, Twitter for Thunderbird. While the extension provides useful functionality, the main purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate how a Thunderbird account can be created using just javascript. Well almost … there are some binary files needed (called Skinkglue) which are account-independent, and presumably could be made available in the Thunderbird core code to eliminate the need for extension writers to maintain their own C++ compile environment. Unfortunately that binary extension limits this current release to only working under Windows in TB 3.1.x

There are a number of screenshots on my instruction page for TweeQuilla,  but just as an example you get standard Twitter folders in your folder pane:

Messages are displayed in thread pane, and show website bodies where appropriate just like an RSS feed:

My main interest here is really to prove that this can be done, and hopefully to inspire some others to add additional account types.