TaQuilla 0.3.0 released

By | December 22, 2009

I’ve just uploaded a new version of TaQuilla to Mozilla’s add-on site. You can download it here. It is still listed as experimental status, so updates are not automatic. Details of the changes in this revision are available here, but briefly it mostly adds some user interface consolidations for consistency, plus support for Thunderbird 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0.

Frankly, I’ve struggled to find a good personal use of TaQuilla for use in my dogfooding. I’ve tried using it to categorize “interesting” posts, but I can’t even agree myself from day-to-day what is “interesting”, and the soft tagging is even more indecisive. But I’ve finally hit on a good use for it in my workflow – rejecting of sports articles in newsfeeds!

I have an RSS feed that subscribes to local news for the “Seattle Times” newspaper, but I find a lot of the articles are sports related. Now I am a certified geek, and not really interested in those types of articles. So what I did is to create a tag “Sports”, then I setup TaQuilla soft tags for “Sports” on the RSS feed, create a virtual folder that filters out articles tagged with “Sports”, and voila I can read the newspaper feed without all of those annoying sports articles. It’s particularly useful since many of the same articles get updated multiple times, and the updates are very efficiently rejected with the bayes filter if I tag the original.